CommPilot Call Manager


The CommPilot Call Manager is used to augment the features of your telephone. It provides an alternative to activating and making changes to certain call control features using flash-hook and star codes. It is not intended to replace the phone or be a stand-alone substitute for basic call functions. Instead it complements your phone.

CommPilot Call Manager is a web-based tool for users to invoke and manage their services/features, as an alternative to using feature codes or depressing the flash hook.

Functionality provided by the Call Manager includes:

Click-to-Dial enables users to input and dial a number, dial directly from a drop-down Phone List (Personal, Group or Call Log) or Outlook tab, or click the Redial button.

Answer Call enables users who is already engaged in a call to answer another waiting call. When available, Calling Line ID is displayed with caller’s name and number.

Call Hold/Retrieve enables users to place an existing call on hold for an extended period of time, and then retrieve the call to resume conversation. While the calling party is held, the user may choose to make a consultation call to another party.

Call Transfer enables users to redirect a ringing, active, or held call to another number or directly to voice mail. Before transferring the caller, the user may choose to consult with the third party first or establish a three-way consultation.

Conference enables users to establish a three-way call involving two other parties.

Release Call enables users to disconnect a call that has been answered.

Configure Services buttons are provided to enable users to turn on/off frequently used services such as Call Forwarding Always and Do Not Disturb.