CommPilot Personal Web Portal


The CommPilot Personal Web Portal provides individual users with the ability to configure and manage a wide-range of traditional and advanced telephony services. Each user is empowered withe the flexibility to easily configure their services to meet their particular needs. Users no longer have to remember any star codes or complex procedures to configure services, as is often the case with legacy PBX systems. Instead, Proficient Telecom's services improve personal productivity by leveraging the Web to make services understandable and easily useable.

Once your designated administrator sets up each end-user, end-users can use their individual portal to activate, deactivate and customize telephone service features, including modifications to speed dial numbers & select call forwarding rules, call notification, call rejection, distintive ring & voicemail activation, and changes to passwords & other items. All changes and updates are simple and intuitive.

Services available to a given user are dependent upon the services purchased by your company or organization.

The CommPilot Personal Web Portal includes several intuitive interfaces for end-users to make changes to their service. Screen captures of the Profile, Passwords, Incoming Calls, Outgoing Calls, Messaging, Personal Phone List and Voice Management interfaces are illustrated below.


Passwords are configured using the CommPilot Personal Web Portal Passwords interface.



Services are configured from the CommPilot Personal Portal Incoming and Outgong Calls interfaces.



Unified Messaging is configured in the CommPilot Personal Portal Messaging interface.



Telephone numbers are stored in the CommPilot Personal Portal Phone List.




Specifying how voice messages will be handled is completed in the CommPilot Personal Portal Voice Management interface.