What Make Proficient Telecom Different?

In so many ways, Proficient Telecom is a very different kind of voice and data services company.

First, unlike traditional telephone companies and most competitive local exchange companies (CLECs) which rely on older Class 5 switching architecture, Proficient Telecom utilizes a newer soft switch technology, enabling us to offer high quality carrier-class services at more affordable prices.

Second, while most traditional telephone companies and CLECs offer a range of call control features, most do not offer the breadth of application services that Proficient offers, including unified voice, email and fax messaging, web-based end-user configuration tools, remote office extension dialing, and selective call forwarding, just to name a few.

Third, whereas most telecommunications providers attempt to simultaneously meet the needs of residential, small and large institutions, Proficient Telecom focuses on providing services to just schools, libraries and small businesses. Excluding residential customers and larger enterprises and focusing on fewer segments enables Proficient to be more responsive and better meet its customers' needs.

Fourth, while larger incumbent telecommunications providers tend not to be very consultative in their approach to customer solutions, i.e., one size fits all, Proficient focuses on identifying and providing solutions specific to each customer's need. Need a customized solution? Give us a call.

Fifth, unlike many next-generation voice over IP communications providers who have been in business for only a short while, Proficient telecom has been providing IP communications services since 1996. Now in our 12th year of operation, we have a long history of providing quality service to school, libraries and small and medium-sized businesses.