Managed Security

Internet security is a major concern for businesses. Viruses and outages caused by hackers can significantly harm and cost your business thousands of dollars per affected employee.

But, how can you affordably minimize these threats?



Watchdog Firebox 700


Proficient Telecom offers your business an industry leading Internet security solution that enables you to concentrate on your core business, with the comfort of knowing Proficient is taking steps to protect your network and data.

Our solution includes:

  • A Watchdog Firebox 700 firewall.
  • Automatic Upgrades and Maintenance to respond to the latest Internet threats and maintain your network defenses for up-to-date maximum security.
  • Proactive Monitoring of your network and notification of outages.
  • Security Policy Updates enabling you to adjust your security policies to the changing needs of your business.
  • Content Filtering (URL Filtering) of undesirable web sites configured to your specifications.
  • NAT (Network Address Translation) to hide your internal IP addresses from the Internet.
  • Access Privileges to specify how individual users and groups access the Internet based on security policies, time of day, or type of Web site.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) Support, including PPTP (a standard client available in most Microsoft operating systems).
  • Network Segregation separating your public servers from your internal network.

To discuss Internet Secuity with a Proficient Telecom sales consultant, please call us
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