Prime PRI


Proficient Telecom partners with other carriers to offer circuit switched digital voice services.

ISDN PRI provides your school, library, business or other organization flexible access to services such as direct inward and outward dialing, WATS, toll-free , and circuit switched data.


Prime PRI offers your organization these important benefits:

  • Clear, digital transmission for voice and data communications
  • Feature-rich method of local access for applications such as PBX trunking, LAN-to-LAN connections, and videoconferencing
  • Hig-speed transmission capabilties

Prime PRI  
DID Lines
Up to 23 per circuit.
Included Local Minutes
Varies by location.
Included Long Distance Minutes
Can be customized to fit your specific needs.
Directory Assistance
Billed per use.
Local Number Portability
Yes, keep your existing phone numbers.